How to provide a GERMAN Self Service Portal in SCSM2012

Hi All !

After the default installation of the SCSM2012 SSP, the default language is english. You may recognize that even if the Work items are in German, and your client is German, the rest of the text is english. Here is the setp by step guide how to provide a german SSP interface to our end users.

First you get something like this:

1.) Go to your SSP Server and download the apropriate Sharepoint Language Management Packs (Sharepoint Foundation in this case)  from here. If you have Sharepoint Server there is a different download location here.

2.) Choose the Language from the list and download the file (~160 MB)

3.) Install the language pack on the Webserver hosting the SSP, following this instructions.

4.) After the successful installation of the language pack, configure the language in Sharepoint, as it is greatly documented here.

Special Hint: If you want to change the image for your SPP, follow the guide in the documentation. The directory on the disk is:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\template\images

Have FUN !