VS Code Update 1.25.0 – 2 features we all have been waiting for

Dear All!

VS Code is my new editor-buddy for quite a while now and it just got an update to 1.25.0 wih 2 really cool features.

1.) Grid Editor Layout

Until now, VS Code allowed 2 or more windows in a column kind of style.

With the recent update, it allows a grid view, so you can place your code-windows anywher in squares, and resize the windows by grabbing the center . How cool is that ?!?!

Just grab the crossing of your editor-windows and move them around as necessary.

2.) Outline

When editing larger blocks of code, it sometimes is confusing where you are in the code and navigation may get difficult even with mini-maps. With the new Outline feature, you get a folder-structure which allows easy navigation. I testet with PowerShell and JSON, both worked great !

There is a lot more in that release, so check the release notes out here:


Have fun testing and coding !