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Az. Module 1.0 released

Microsoft has announced the general availability of the Az. PowerShell Modules. They are compatible with PSCore, and are the future for scripting, automating Azure tasks. The AZureRM Modules, will only receive Bugfixes, but no new features anymore. Azure Automation will be able to use Az. Modules around March 2019 Read more here: Give them… Read more Az. Module 1.0 released

Azure DevOps – Whats new ?

Microsoft announced Azure DevOps yesterday (Sept 10, 2018). Below find a summary of changes. 1.) URL´s change: gets (with autoredirection of old links) 2.) Pipelines now support GitHub and any git repo 3.) Boards seem to have new enhancements, but i couldnt figure out the difference between VSTS and Azure DevOps. Maybe you… Read more Azure DevOps – Whats new ?

New Version of PowerShell Gallery in Public Preview

Dear All! The PS Gallery will receive an update very soon, you can test the preview version already now on New features are: Improved download performance provided via CDN Enhanced security for publishers, including support for 2FA, multiple publishing keys Account management support for changing email address or login account Direct download of items… Read more New Version of PowerShell Gallery in Public Preview

Enable ServiceMaps for Azure VM´s

Azure ServiceMap is a great extension to LogAnalytics, measuring Processes, Connectivity and Performance for Windows and Linux Computers onPrem and in the Cloud. This script (from ) enables the ServiceMap extension to all VM´s in a defined ResourceGroup. I just tested this again and it still works fine.

Hope that helps. R.

Blog relaunch 2017

Hallo Alle! Trotzdem dieser Blog jetzt einige Zeit offline war wurde er Anfang Juli 2017 auf eine neue Plattform verschoben. Jetzt mit HTTPS verschlüsselt dürft ihr euch auf Erfahrungen mit Azure, PowerShell, Monitoring und Security freuen. Bis bald / Roman Stadlmair

PowerShell your ServiceManager & ITAM: Get Hardware Maintenance Expiry Information

Hi All ! There are millions of exampled out there to PowerShell your Service Manager and  i dont want to replicate them. So in this Blog Series i will focus on real world examples people have with Service Manager and Provance (2014 Standard or Enterprise). The first one is about automatic notification of to-be-expired maintenance… Read more PowerShell your ServiceManager & ITAM: Get Hardware Maintenance Expiry Information